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We share music because we want to connect with others on a deeper level. We want to relay and relate to a message that can’t be said with just words. This April, NYLON is dedicating six days a week to introducing you to new artists and budding favorites. With interviews and GIF portraits done down at SXSW (plus two very special ones done outside of the conference), NYLON’s Month of Music is an exercise in finding aural pleasures outside of the Top 40. It’s an exercise in challenging you and ourselves to not stick to one genre. But above all, it’s a celebration of bold voices and sheer talent. Enjoy.

The onset of social media, rabid fan bases, and an industry that favors the single over the album has redefined what it means to be a bona fide pop star. The innocence of pop’s bubblegum days is long gone. Nostalgia for the early years of Britney Spears & Co. is strong, but up until now, no musician has taken the provocativeness acts like Spears’ exuded and modernized it for today. Pia Mia Perez, the 19-year-old musician better known as Pia Mia, is leading that charge.

With more than four million Instagram followers and an incredibly active presence on Twitter, Pia Mia’s star is burning brighter than ever. The Guam native has come a long way since covering Justin Bieber and Sarah Brightman (in Italian, no less!) three years ago. Now, she’s racking up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, rubbing elbows with other elite teens, and was, most recently, named the fashion director for Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line. Growing up alongside the advent of social media has helped bolster her influence across the world. Her unique blend of street style, couture, and Tumblr trends has made her an icon in the making. Her music, however, and all that go with it—videos and live shows—is where Pia Mia shines. To say she has rhythm is a massive understatement. Her music videos and choreography harp back to the not-so-innocent days of the early aughts. What’s more, she can sing through it all. Pia Mia boasts a powerful vocal range—one that holds a candle to Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande’s. Her confidence is palpable and her drive is wonderfully relentless. Though she’s only released a few singles and an EP, Pia Mia is poised for pop royalty. Bow down, accordingly.

Ahead, get to know the multihyphenate in our exclusive interview and photo collaboration with artist Signe Pierce, who just so happened to shoot the entire thing on an iPhone. Welcome to the digital age.


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Madonna said in a statement. “Her creativity, confidence and unique sense of style make her a perfect addition to the brand.”

The pop star, who has been singing since she was 8 years old, recently toured with Jason Derulo. Her hit single “Do It Again,” a collaboration with Chris Brown and Tyga, has over 208 million views on YouTube.

When I sit down with Pia, she immediately offers me a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos from a clear jar she’s toting around with her. She’s just back from a meeting at Material Girl’s N.Y.C. headquarters where they provided all her favorite snacks. (She says she never travels without her Cheetos.) In our 10 minutes together, she tells me about her Madonna honor, sings for me, shows me her grills and reveals she’s yet to get her hands on a Kylie Jenner lip kit (a surprising fact since she used to be a regular in King Kylie’s Snapchat stories.) Catch the highlights below!

Explain your role as Fashion Director for Material Girl.

“I’m going to be helping overall. I’m going to be helping on silhouettes, helping on designs, some of the clothes have graphics and sayings, so I’ll be a part of creating that. I’m basically going to be a part of everything which is totally perfect for me, because everything that I do music and fashion wise I just always love to be 100 percent me so that’s why this [collaboration] is perfect for me. I’ve been wearing material girl since I was 14.”

Who was the first person you called when you found out Madonna crowned you Fashion Director?

“My parents are the two people that have really supported me since the beginning, so I told my dad first about it and my mom is out in L.A. with me so she was with me when I found out. I’m so honored to have been chosen by Madonna and overall the Material Girl team. It is my first time fashion directing anything and fashion is such a huge part of my life and who I am and just expressing myself. I’m really excited to just see how this goes and kind of give my influence and leave my mark.”

How would you describe the modern day Material Girl?

“I would say fearless, unique, down to try anything new, trendsetter, confident …someone who fully themselves and not afraid to be that.

Have you met Madonna? 

“No, but I hope to. I mean everything from her stage performances to her stage production to her music to her fashion. Madonna is just amazing.”

Do you have a favorite Madonna fashion moment?
“I don’t know if there’s one but, I love her stage performance of ‘Like A Virgin.’ She just slayed that and it’s just so out there and different and captivating. It’s amazing.”

How would you describe your style in three words? 
“Random, strong and unique.”

What’s one of your favorite trends right now? 

“I love crop tops. I probably have too many to count, but I love them because you can wear them with jean shorts or jeans. You can re-wear crop tops so many different ways. I’m only like 5’4″ so I feel like crop tops elongate me a little bit.”


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