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Pia just announced on her Twitter that her new song #UNDERNEATH is up on her soundcloud. Check it out and spread the word!

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Pia Mia photographed by Trever Hoehne


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Hello everyone! My name is Adam and I’m the creator and the owner of I’m writing this to tell everyone that I’m looking to make the team bigger and not only me writing on the site. I’m looking for maximum 4 people to join the team and become admins on the site. You could either contact us on twitter (our dm’s are open) @piamdaily or instagram ( same username) – that’s probably the easiest way for you to contact us. Or you could just email us at or just leave a comment. Please answer these questions or include them in your text.

  1. Do you have any experience of WordPress or coppermine (it’s not a must but it helps me out a lot)
  2. Age, Name and where is your current location (there you live)
  3. What languages do you speak? (English is a must)
  4. What social medias do you use?

I’ll reply within a couple of hours! Can’t wait for you to join the Team!



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The first two ones are fan pictures

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