admin / November 4,2016 / Comments Off on Admin note!

Hello everyone! I want to apologize for the lack of updates regarding Pia Mia here on – I’ve had a lot of stuff happening in my personal life which have been a huge reason why I haven’t been updating anything on Pia. I’m currently looking for more admins that could help me post on the site. If you’re intressted in joining the Pia Mia Daily team, contact me on – I would also like to thank you for over 10k visitors. I’m so glad there’s still people checking in on the site daily, again.. I’ll try my best to keep updating, since I really like Pia Mia and I’d love to share my info about her with you all. So no, the site is not shutting down, I’m also looking for a new webdesigner who can create a dope theme for this website. I’ll be back with more information around that soon again! Thank you for checking in today. See you in the next post! xo