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You can find all these in HQ and larger size in our gallery (www.pia-mia.org/gallery)

some pics are taken from @piamiaworldwide on twitter

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Pia Mias documentary with Material girl premieres July 13th, make sure to write down that in your calendars.


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(Don’t forget to check our gallery, the photoshoot is up there! Click here or on the button saying “gallery” under the header!) 

“I’ve always had a good head on my shoulders,” Pia Mia affirms as she reflects on her surreal experiences over the past few years. The 19-year-old singer is sitting outside at a Brentwood coffee shop, slowly sipping her drink, and in a sea of business-like Angelenos, her signature red bandana, thigh-high suede boots and bleach-blonde hair stand out. It’s the kind of striking look that turns heads and reads “pop star” to passersby, even ones that may not yet know who she is. And, in fact, that style has been instrumental in launching Pia Mia’s music career.

“The wife of one of Babyface’s producers came up to me and randomly was like, ‘Oh, are you a singer?'” Pia Mia recounts about how she got discovered at the hip health food mainstay Urth Caffe when she was 13, mere weeks after moving to LA with her mom. Acknowledging how strange the story sounds, she continues, “I think she might have liked my outfit.” She ended up signing a year-long production deal with Babyface and considers the Urth Caffe episode one of many “stars-aligning moments” that has brought Pia Mia to where she is today.


Read the whole interview here: (link)

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My name is Adam and I’m the owner and creator of Pia-Mia.org. We’re the biggest and most updating Pia mia website right now but we want to grow even bigger. I’m looking for more admins who can help me post news on the site and post news of Pia Mia here on the blog.


Write an email to us at piamiadaily@gmail.com or send us an instagram & twitter DM (piamdaily) answering these questions:

  • A little more about you and who you are..
  • Why do you want to be a part of our team?
  • Do you have any experience of WordPress & coppermine (not a must, but it’s absolutley something that will make things easier for me)
  • Do you have twitter or instagram?
  • How many times per week do you think you’ll be able to post something.


If you would like to become part of our team, don’t wait to email and contact us!

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thumb_pia-mia-perez-at-nice-guy-in-west-hollywood-06-04-2016_1 thumb_pia-mia-perez-at-nice-guy-in-west-hollywood-06-04-2016_2 thumb_pia-mia-perez-at-nice-guy-in-west-hollywood-06-04-2016_3 thumb_pia-mia-perez-at-nice-guy-in-west-hollywood-06-04-2016_4 thumb_pia-mia-perez-at-nice-guy-in-west-hollywood-06-04-2016_5 thumb_pia-mia-perez-at-nice-guy-in-west-hollywood-06-04-2016_6

I just updated the gallery with 6  HQ pictures of Pia Mia arriving at the nice guy in WEHO.

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